Naomi Campbell | Fade 2 Grey

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell, Baby Woman, 1994


Love & Tears

I Want To Live

Ride A White Swan

Life Of Leisure


Looks Swank (Spooky)

Picnic In The Rain

When I Think About Love

All Through The Night

Sunshine On A Rainy Day

I Want To Live (Repise)

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Not as bad an album as was to made out at the time of release except for the trully awful version of Ride A White Swan (ughh what were you thinking!!!). There are a couple of other cover versions here too the okish Sunshine For A Rainy Day and the excellent Gavin Friday song I Want To Live. This was my reason for buying the CD as I heard this track in a club in Manchester a little shall we say high! and loved it not realising it was Naomi. The 808 State mix is great. Never In A Million Years was a bonus song not on the album but from the single Love & Tears, better than Ride A White Swan-just!



I Want To Live -Ben Liebrand Radio Version

I Want To Live– Ben Liebrand Club Mix

I Want To Live– 808 State Nouveau Electro Mix

I Want To Live– Junior Vasquez Sound Factory Mix



Love & Tears- Album Version

Love& Tears-(Youth Master Mix)

Love & Tears- (Soul Power Mix)

Never In A Million Years






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