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Repost – Messerschmitt, Wheeler Dealer, 1980

Side 1

Wheeler Dealer

Some Other Time

Computer Heart

Junk Food

At The Dance

Change Your Size

Side 2

So Sad

I´m A Sinner

Cute King Kong


Midnight Fantasy

Beam Me Home

Back To The O-Zone

Produced by Horst Muller & Erhard Wenzel

 Vinyl Download

Messerschmitt are

Ralph Bouwer- drums

Joe Bouwer- bass& vocals

Ulli Zett- guitar& keyboards

Gary Crysler- keyboards

Messerschmitt were a great German band who released a couple of albums as far as I know this one and Facelift. Wheeler Dealer had a couple of singles lifted from it Wheeler Dealer and the fab Computer Heart. I Especially like Cute King Kong-funny tune- and Change Your Style.

By the way I tagged I´m A Sinner wrongly, sorry

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  1. Roseberg says:

    Lovely, too bad the download link does not work

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