Messerschmitt | Fade 2 Grey


Repost – Messerschmitt, Face Lift,1981

Side 1


Face Lift

Romance a la Frying Pan

Hold On I´m Coming

Tell Me Why

Triple Personality

Side 2

Heavy Stuff

Tiny Hottentots

Fire Brigade

A Skunk Is In The Way

Keeping House

Rub You

Produced by Horst Muller Ulli Zett all guitars, lead vocals

Joe Bouwer Drums, percussion, backing vocals

Gary Crysler all keyboards, backing vocals

Special thanks to Horst Muller and Amy Leverenz for backing vocals, and to our crew Michael Raetsch and Luzie Lichtenheld


The second album by Messerschmitt and my favourite it has some great songs on it, I love the single Face Lift which really should have been a hit for them in the UK and I also like their cover of Hold On I´m Coming which was also a single. Other tracks of note are Heavy Stuff, Tell Me Why and The Fire Brigade

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