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Martha Davis

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Side One
Tell It to the Moon
Just Like You
Heaven Outside My Door
Don’t Tell Me the Time

Side Two
Don’t Tell Me the Time
Don’t Ask Out Loud
Harvest Park of a Broken Heart
My Promise


Produced By, Richie Zito

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It took me a while to get hold of this album by Motels lead singer Martha Davis.
Firstly she look the best I have seen her on the album sleeve,great shots of her.
There were five singles taken from the album,no were UK hits she did fair best in Australia where three of the singles charted.
Tell It To The Moon is a fantastic track and should of been enormous,Don’t Tell Me the Time is also a good tune.
Don’t Tell Me the Time was also a single but I´m not over keen on this song.But I do really like the single Don’t Ask Out Loud.
Other songs I like on the album are the stand out track for me Rebecca ( great story )and my promise.

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  1. Jo says:

    Thanks for this rip. What a treasure I’ve found here! I got this cassette tape of hers back in my college days and love it so much. Too sad she has no other album after this one.

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