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Loz Netto

Repost – Loz Netto Loz Netto, 1986

Side 1
Walking In The Dark
We Touch
Dance To The Music
No Reaction
Silent Movie

Side 2
Fat City
Do What You Want
One Night Out


Produced/Engineered & Mixed by Andy MacPherson.

Loz Netto Vocals,Guitar.
Tessa Niles
Backing Vocals.Steve Butler Backing Vocals

Paul Young Backing, Vocals,Ian Wilson Backing Vocals, Richie Close Keyboards,
Jon Carrin Keyboards Steve Piggot Keyboards, Phil Palmer Guitar
Mike Hehir Guitar, Ashley Mulford Guitar, Andy Mac Guitar, Dave Irving Drums
Snake Sax, Jon Astley Fairlight.

I love this guys voice I´m surprised he never had any solo success as their are some top tunes on this album. We Touch, Do What You Want, Silent Movie and No Reaction are my favourite tracks here.
The album included the singles We Touch, Walking In The Dark and Dance To The Music.

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  1. martijn says:

    thanks a lot for this, We touch was played in Miami Vice so that is the reason I got to know it. Do you also have the 12 inch in 320kbps quality?

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