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Leyden Zar

Repost – Leyden Zar, Leyden Zar, 1981

Side One

Money Talks Loud

Lead vocals Paul Grondin

Backstreet Girl

Lead vocals Paul Grondin

Teenage Pioneer

Lead vocals Paul Grondin

Danger Zone

Lead Vocals Brian Wilson

Where´s The One

Lead vocals Paul Grondin


Lead vocals Paul Grondin

Side Two

Life Is Bizarre

Lead vocals Pascal Mailloux

Roll The Dice

Lead vocals Paul Grondin

You Can Change

Lead vocals Paul Grondin


Lead vocals Pascal Mailloux

Save Energy

Lead vocals Pascal Mailloux

Backing vocals-Paul Grondin, Brian Wilson, Pascal Mailloux

Keyboards-Pascal ,ailloux

Drums and percussion-Serge Gratton

Lead Guitars-Brian Wilson

Rhythm guitars-Jacques Noel

Bass-Paul Grondin

Produced by Andre Perry and Nick Blagona for Good Noise LTD.


Great new wave album from Canadian band Leyden Zar. This the first of two self titled albums  featured the singles Backstreet Girl and Money Talks Loud. At times the band sound like The Cars- You Can Change and on another track Life Is Bizarre they sound like the B52´s.

My favourite tracks are, Danger Zone, Life Is Bizarre, Teenage Pioneer and Save Energy. I prefer this album to their second one.

3 Responses to “Leyden Zar”

  1. antonio says:

    great band of new wave.
    real musicians,guitar, bass, keyboards and drums,
    with a singer who grabs a bit of glam his way.
    very good lp
    thanks for uploading mike

  2. Wheel says:

    I have been trying to get this album for YEARS. Thanks so much for making this available. Fantastic.

  3. Carole Turgeon says:

    J’ai beaucoup d’admiration pour ces musiciens pour les avoir entendu live à maintes reprises.
    Si jamais ils me lisent,,, vous avez une place très précieuse dans mon ame

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