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Lene Lovich

Repost -Lene Lovich, Wonderland, 1989




Wonderland (New York Dance Mix)

Wonderland (New York Dance Mix Radio Edit)

Wonderland (London Dance Mix)

Wonderland (London Dance Mix Radio Edit)


I first heard this song on Lene´s album March and thought it sounded familiar but could not place it. When I looked at the writting credits it all became clear, the original was written by Sweet´s Andy Scott and Chris Bradford under the title Krugerrands which was released as a single on Static in 1983.

Lene has reworked the original with new lyrics and new title. It works so well that they both stand alone as two different songs I love them both and why wern´t either a hit!!





Krugerrands (Club Mix)


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  1. Bill says:

    Hi, I see you also like Andy Scott and Chris Bradford’s work.

    Chris is publishing a lot of his back catalog free on Noisetrade and on his website “marsbardot” in case you’re interested.


    Cheers, Bill

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