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Kris Ryder

Repost – Kris Ryder, Kris Ryder,1979


Side One

Lonely Room

All In One Night

Can´t Keep A Good Man Down

Ordinary Girl, Ordinary Guy

We´re Alive

Side Two

Born Lover

Lost In A Strange Vibration

Zoom In On Me

I Don´t Wanna Fuss With You

Own Up, You´re Crazy

Produced by Christopher Neil

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This album by Kris Ryder included the two singles Ordinary Girl, Ordinary Guy and the fab We´re Alive. My favourite tracks on here are Zoom In On Me, which reminds me of early Johnny Cougar (I Need A Lover), Lonely Room and the ballad Lost In Vibration. Read more about Kris at My Life´s A Jigsaw excellent site here

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  1. John says:

    he was of course the more famous Chris Andrews, or sometimes called Tim Andrews

  2. Jax says:

    Rare Interview on with Kris Ryder aka Tim Andrews aka Chris Andrews (7.30pm Friday 10th 2013) Tune in ;o)

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