King | Fade 2 Grey


Request – King, 12inch Tape, 1986




Love And Pride (USA Summer Mix)

Won’t You Hold My Hand Now (Youth Mix)

Alone Without You (Scorcher Mix)

The Taste Of Your Tears (Breaker Heart Mix)

Torture (Passion Fruit Extended Mix)


Some fab remixes here from one of those old tapes, all the songs were on both sides of the tape. Can anyone else remember when tapes used to leave the second side blank so that you could record on it, I had an Ultravox one like that 🙂

Love and Pride charted twice in the UK charts, once at a low no 84 in 1984 and then a high no 2 in 1985

Wont You Hold My Hand, Now peaked at no 24 – 1985

Alone Without You, no 8 – 1985

The Taste Of Your Tears, no 11 – 1985

Torture, no 23 – 1986

 What an image !!




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  1. Jay says:

    I had a tape like that, the whole album on the A side, and blank on the B side.

  2. Mario says:

    Amazing band, King its one of the best of the 80s. incredible look. thanks for these nince versions

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