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John Webb

Re- Post, John Webb, The Experiment (Of Love) 1985

Side A

The Experiment (Of Love)

Side B

Cry Of The Sea

Gary´s Brother released this single again on the Numa label, again for me the simplisity of the B-Side makes a better hypnotic song.Awful sleeve though.

He only released this one single.

Download 7inch

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Download Cry Of The Sea

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  1. RobLoveEighties says:

    Hi my friend, thanks to post the artists of numa label.I’ve been make a little research on Rate Your Music site, and i saw many synthpop bands and artists, i love this genre, and i decided to make a “Big List” of this synth bands from 1982 to 1985.I know that much you won’t can post in one day and maybe you don’t have all these,but i hope that you have 80% of these songs, and i make this list to stop to ask one song almost every day, so i’ll wait patiently, well here it comes:

    Berntholer – My Suitor
    Berntholer – Japanese Garden
    Howard Devoto – Rainy Season
    Stockholm Monsters – Happy Ever After
    Paul Gardiner – Stormtrooper In Drag
    Paul Gardiner – Venus In Furs
    Mathématiques Modernes – Disco Rough
    Kas Product – Pussy X
    The Riptides – Hearts And Flowers
    Seppuku – New Illusion
    TV 21 – All Join Hands
    Nacht Und Nebel – Beats Of Love
    Quando Quango – Love Tempo
    Quando Quango – Genius
    Bocal 5 – Moska
    Der Plan – Gummitwist
    Sean Heyden – Party Boy
    Art Style – Me and Me
    Art Interface – Secretaries From Heaven
    He Said – Pump
    Minuit Polonia – Ibiza Underground
    The Reporters – Computer World
    Plastic Bertrand – Major Tom
    Red Turns To – Deep Sleep
    Jacqui Brookes – Lost Without Your Love
    Karman – Poker
    Tom Robinson – Now Martin’s Gone
    Lavabos Iturriaga – China
    The Climb – Touch Me
    Martin Rossel – Pablo Picasso
    The Units – The Right Man
    Metroplitan – Basa Du
    Paris France Transit – Paris-France
    Trevor Herion – Kiss Of No Return
    Nits – Slip Of The Tongue
    Mickey Bliss – Venus Dressed in Plastic Garbage
    Tone Band – Tokyo Twist
    Ballistic Kisses – Five O’Clock World
    Die Hornissen – Pale Blue Eyes
    Passion Polka – Obsessions
    I Spy – Channels
    The News – Hole In My Shoe
    Zoo Boutique – Forgive And Forget
    Eduard Parma Jr.- King Kong in Hong Kong
    Popular Voice – Home For Summer
    T34 – Rock On
    Chrome Dinette – Robot Love
    Bellaboris – Odotus
    Demian – Kapek
    Scribble – Silly Girl
    Two Supply – Hotel Berlin
    Expandis – Mystic Man
    The Group – Technology
    Robbie Rae – Finger On It
    The Jumpers – You Don’t See It
    Storm In A Nutshell – Anatomy
    Shinobu – Ceramic Love
    Ad Infinitum – Telstar
    Jules Shear – When Love Surges
    Kam Sha – He Will Sleep
    3D – Break the Fix(Ation)
    Rive Gauche – Friends Are Friends
    Mánía – (Talk, Talk)…In Japan
    Alternative Radio – Valley of Evergreen
    Glass Museum – A Friend Departed
    Engine Room – Wild Times
    Life – Tell Me
    A Bigger Splash – I Don’t Belive A Word
    Gee Mr.Tracy – I Wish The Whole Damn World Was In A Bottle
    The Other People – Have A Nice Day
    Max & Intro – We Design The Future
    Paul Roland – Death Or Glory
    Vitabeats – Boom Box
    Vitabeats – Audrey
    Echo Romeo – Your Tears
    Doppelganger – Communication Breakdown
    Red Violet Red – Candy Cane
    Geisha – Kabuki
    Geisha – Fool’s Away
    Bonnie Benedict – I’ll Be Waiting
    Marten Ingle – Heart Break Side Of The Night
    Security – Total Destruction
    Nóvé – Boris B.

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