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Jane Kennaway

Jane Kennaway,Singles 1980 – 1981

The first single I heard from Jane Kennaway was the fantastic IOU which I remember hearing on the local Radio Trent.
So I went up to Hurts Yard the same record shop which I also bought her only other two singles ( which I know of ).
I didn´t realise it charted untill I was researching this post.
I have just bought all three singles again and have been enjoying them for a couple of weeks now.
Why they wernt hits is a puzzel as they are great pop songs and she has a distinctive voice especially on the Thomas Dolby produced Year 2000( which is my favourite of the singles )I love her phrasing on this.

Record Mirror January 24th 1981

I also loved the B-Sides too,Take Me Away is great as is Radio, although I always hated the ending it never seemed finished to me.
It´s a shame a full album was never released as there seems there was enough material for one.
Jane also did some backing vocals on New Musik´s Sanctuary single in 1980.
I have asked a lot of people over the years if they remember Jane but no one seems too so lets hope some of you will enjoy her music thats posted here.

IOU, Jane Kennaway And Strange Behaviour, 1980 UK no 65, 24.01.1981
Produceed by Andy Duncan

Take Me Away, 1980
Produced by Strange Behaviour

Celia, Jane Kennaway, 1981
Produced by Steve Lillywhite

Radio, 1981
Produced by Steve Lillywhite

Year 2000, 1981
Produced by Thomas Dolby

5On 84th Street, 1981
Produced by Thomas Dolby

Link Removed now available on CD.

Bonus Tracks
Atmospheres of England, Live *+
Scratching at the Surface, Live *+
Catch Cool, 1980, Live *+
The Way We Really Are ( From the magazine/album Debut )1983

Jane is now in a band called A Different Kind Of Honey.

Jane Kennaway
Neil Allen
Jess J

Your Fucking My Husband, A Different Kind Of Honey
Babes In The Wood, A Different Kind Of Honey
Auf Weidersehen, A Different Kind Of Honey
Aphid, A Different Kind Of Honey

You can hear these songs on both these sites, well worth a listen, I love Your Fucking My Husband,great track, and Babes In The Wood.Great to hear Janes voice after all these years.
They have also just done a live date in July so keep your eyes peeled for more dates.


*Credited as Jane Kennaway And Strange Behaviour.

+ Thanx to the excellent blog Fantod Under Glass for these live tracks,which were taken from the 101 albums. I have been searching for these albums which i remember owning myself, for ages, thankyou. Link to the full albums Here

If anyone has anymore ifo or music to share by Jane I would love to hear from you.

Check out these Myspace sites

A Different Kind Of Honey

Jane Kennaway

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  1. BM says:

    As your article was posted in 2010, an up date for you.

    LTM has just released a CD of her singles, demos and live tracks.

    As a Jane fan when I first saw her supporting Screams at the Marquee in 79. Saw her live loads of times and got to know her quite well.

    Also involved in helping put the CD together with James with articles, singles and demos/live tracks.

    Jane is a huge talent, underrated and should have been massive.


  2. BM says:

    Micky, did you ever get the Jane CD ?

  3. Efstathiou Stathis says:

    Hello again,

    can you please repost these Kennaway’s singles?

    Thank you very much
    Efstathiou Stathis

  4. Efstathiou Stathis says:


    You didn’t answer me my friend
    can you please repost these Kennaway’s singles?

    Thank you very much
    Efstathiou Stathis

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