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Jane Bond & The Undercovermen

Repost – Jane Bond & The Undercovermen


Side A

I Made Love To A Communist

Confidential Story

The Girl Who Knew Too Much

Hot Rod Lincoln

Side B

Politally Correct

Modern World

We The Unwilling

Radio Moscow

Vocals-Lisa Mitchel

Guitars-Ethan James,& Glen Mont

Pedal Steel Guitar-Gary Morse

Keyboards-Ethan James

Violin-Will Glenn

Percussion-John Mauceri

Drums-Ethan James, John Mauceri & Glen Mont

Background Vocals-Ethan James,Jan Seedman, Kendra Smith,Shannon Irvin,Erin Kenney, Heather Totten, Patty Hearst and Clinque appear on “The Girl Who Knew Too Much” courtesy of KPFK in Los Angeles

Produced and engineered by Ethan James


I first heard this band on the John Peel show and loved them. This album has some great tracks on it especially The Girl Who Knew Too Much and Kiss My Gun which sounds like it should have been from a cowboy film soundtrack. I also love Confidential Story and Radio Moscow.

12 Responses to “Jane Bond & The Undercovermen”

  1. A Non says:

    Cheers – have an old cassette with 3/4 of Hot Rod Lincoln snatched off the radio (Peel of course) sometime in very late 80s/early 90s & could find no information about the band for longest time. Bless teh interwebz!

  2. Steven says:

    Thanks! You’re the first to offer this in the net. A forgotten classic. Had some the tracks on a Peel tape, too 🙂

  3. chris says:

    this is wonderful – thanks so much!
    still jonesing for the first album from 1981 with cuts like “so bored” & “party doll”.

    r.i.p. ethan

  4. Brandi says:

    The link here is dead. Can you please re-post it with a different file sharing service?

  5. joshmo says:

    Hi, the link is once again dead. Really looking for this, any chance you can repost? Thanks!

  6. joshmo says:

    Hi again, I am actually looking for their first album from 1981 with cuts like “so bored” & “party doll” same as Chris.


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