I Spy | Fade 2 Grey

I Spy

I Spy, Kite, 1990


Welcome To The News

While The War Began 1


Utopia On Trial

Love, Love, Love


The Sun Sets In The East


While The War Began 2

War On Sunset Boulevard




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This was I Spy´s final album, at first I found this album disappointing because I loved The Crystal Fire, then after repeated listens it has really grown on me, and I’ve realised it´s just a different style to it´s predecessor.

Kite included four singles, the Beatlesque Love, Love, Love, Welcome To The News Of The World which is an uptempo number and the ballad Kite, a charming song. My favourite tracks here are The Sun Sets In The East– with something of a Bowie affliction to the vocals as does Rain, Julie which is such a pretty tune and War On Sunset Boulevard.

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