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Hot Gossip

Repost – Hot Gossip, Criminal World, 1981



Criminal World (Extended)

On The Road

I have loved this song from the very first time I heard the original by Peter Godwin and Duncan Browne´s Metro which was released in 1976 and way ahead of it´s time. The next time I came across the single was when David Bowie covered it on his 1983 album Let´s Dance. Somehow I must of missed the Hot Gossip version on it´s release in 1981 and I recently bought it and I must say what a good job they did of it.(Love the single sleeve too) If anyone has a version of the 7inch I would love a copy.


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  1. antonio says:

    great cover of this original single of metro
    whit my dear peter godwin,(love peter godwin).
    Hot Gossip version is very good,more fun and fresh.
    I like hot gossip.musicians and artists who were transmitting much on stage with their bodies and
    their dances,real artists.
    thank you very much for uploading mike
    best regards friend

  2. RobLoveEighties says:

    Do You have this one? Language – Goodbye Indian Summer (Extended) 1984 i guess???!!!!!!!

  3. antonio says:

    if I like.
    I value that in addition to musicians,
    they were great dancers,its versatility
    its fascinating aesthetic
    tremendously eighties
    maquillage everywhere
    was brilliant and seductive
    and transmitted much.
    summarizing,real artists.
    enjoy them,so do not forget never

  4. Vladimir says:

    Hi, Mikey, here’s the 7″:

    And again thanks very much for Paper Toys (it was me who asked you for them on NWO :o)

  5. David says:

    Hi – Ooops I meant the HOT GOSSIP link says the file has gone! any chance of a re-post? Please?

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