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Grame Grace

Repost – Grame Grace, Hail Me 1975

Side One

She Has Gone

What Do You Do With My Sweetheart?

Movie Star

Hail Me

Generation Today

Side Two

Beehive Jive

Don´t Ever Leave Me

Eleanor, Eleanor

In The Distance

Mystery Man

My Creation


This album will not be to everyone’s taste but I really like it, Grame´s voice is an acquired taste, but this is worth a download for the classic What Do You Do With My Sweetheart track.

Grame changed his name to Graham and released an album called Shining Knight where his voice sounds very different.

There were possibly three singles released as far as I know from the album the excellent What Do You Do With My Sweetheart? and Don´t Ever Leave Me which had a non album B-Side called Memsahib Teller. My creation and again a non album track named Your Mine as it´s B-Side.

Grame did release another  single on RCA which weren’t on the album called Flamboyant Freak/Don´t Hang Around Like That, I have not heard these.


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  1. david says:

    brilliant! thanks so much for sharing this gem!

  2. des says:

    brilliant album, should be re-released, Shining Knight was fair but no-where near the brill first one

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