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Giant Killers

Giant Killers Singles 1996

CD1 Time Of Our Lives
Time Of Our lives album version
My Last Words
Billy The Kid(Acoustic Version)
Time Of Our Lives(altpiano & acoustic version)

CD2 In The End
In The End(radio version)
In The End(album version)
My TV Set Is Ill Tonight
Time To Go Home

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As I mentioned in my Nick Heyward poat I saw the Giant Killers support Nick at the lomas in Liverpool and was impressed by them.I actually met the band who were brothers if I remmber rightly and we went for a drink after the gig, nice lads.
These are the only releses that I remember buying but there maybe an album out there somewhere as a couple of the tracks lare isted as album versions.In The End sounds like the Lightening Seeds a good tune.
I just bought these two again after looking for them for years from ebay and it was well worth the wait.

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  1. Michael Brown says:


    I can’t remember if we bought the drinks or you did. Michael here ex of Giant Killers. Glad you got the records. There was an album but it never came out – although I have got the tunes back from the label (MCA) and I have been thinking about putting them out on my own label. Small outfit called Little Genius which goes through iTunes. Me and Jamie went onto do another band project called The Kingsize Five: A punk influenced dirty swing band. Lots of five star reviews in the serious music press but never shifted any units! Last release in 2009 which was a Blues Chart number 1 – sounds good but that equates to about 50 copies!

    Hope all is good.

  2. gavin sanders says:

    Hi Michael, just like to ask did you support Dr Robert at the riverside Newcastle (not sure what year it was) not many people turned up but remember having quite a few brown ales that night and believe you and the band joined us, hope you are well and cheers for the drink you bought us.

    • Michael Brown says:

      Yes we did support Dr Robert on one of his tours and yes we did a sparsely attended gig at Newcastle Riverside. We did join some people for drinks too so glad to know you were one of them. I used to drink Newcy Brown Ale too.

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