Fiction Factory | Fade 2 Grey

Fiction Factory

Repost – Fiction Factory, Ghost Of Love, 1983


Side 1

Ghost Of Love

Side 2

The Otherside Of Grey

Old Game Blue Flame


My version of this 12inch single from Fiction Factory didn’t have a picture sleeve so the images above are from various sources. The B-Side again features non album tracks.

5 Responses to “Fiction Factory”

  1. 22ndWave says:

    two excellent B-sides. These guys should consider a reunion.

  2. adminmike says:

    Funny you should say that, they have reformed for a UK festival here is a link

  3. Mark says:

    thanks for all this FF stuff. I had ‘Warped Wheel’ on cassette and played it to death!

  4. rob grillo says:

    There were 2 different 12″ releases (one a re-issue) – both sleeves are included above. There was the rgular (& excellent) extended mix, and then a ‘dance mix’ on the reissue !!
    Great to see that there are others who appreciate this lot.

  5. richie says:


    great scottish band of the 80`s

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