Espionage | Fade 2 Grey


A Request, Espionage, 1983



The Sound Of Breaking Hearts

Your Love Is For Sale

The Great Escape



Living Under Rocks

Good Things Don’t Go On Forever

Never Meant To Make You Cry (I’m Sorry)

Can’t You Feel My Heartbeat

Ships Across The Night

One Night Stand


A request for this album, sorry I donĀ“t have the single The Sound Of Breaking Hearts

Espionage ESP, 1983



I Could Get To Sleep Last Night

In The Name Of Love

It’s Easier

Make It On A Love

Deliver Me

Couldn’t Hold Back The Tears

Cinema Majic


Turn Around




7 Responses to “Espionage”

  1. Mr D says:

    Top banana! Criminally underated and even more criminal that it was never released on CD. Did you know that the first album was actually scheduled to be released on CD, as “The Sound of Breaking Hearts”? A bloke I knew ran a music shop and he had a catalogue of CDs that were due out – as far I can see, it never emerged though.

    I have the 12″ of Your Love’s For Sale. There are two b-sides, “One of a kind” and “The beat goes on”, neither of which are up to the standard of the album tracks…

  2. Andy says:

    Holy craps! Already gone. Normally mediafire is quite durable…anyways, thanks also for just considering to upload this rare gem.

  3. monkeyscoresagain says:


    Any chance of a reload – the filehost seems to not be able load it.

    Thanks so much.

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