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Ellen Shipley

Ellen Shipley, Call Of The Wild, 1982


Side 1

Heart Out Of Time

Love´s Out On The Line


I Come Undone

Lokk The Other Way



Side 2

Call Of The Wild

Let Me Take You Under

He´s Not There

Fugitive Kind


The Band

Lloyd Landesman;synthesizers and keyboards, percusion

Ral`h Shuckett; keyboards and synthesizers

Steve Holley; drums and percussion

Brian Stanley; bass

Sid McGinnis; guitar

Produced by Morrie Brown

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Ellen Shipley is probably best known for her work as a writer of hits for Belinda Carlisle with her writing partner Rick Nowles, songs include, Heaven Is A Place On Earth, Cicles In The Sand, Runaway Horses and Live Your Life Be Free to name but a few they also wrote songs for Anita Baker , Kim Wilde and N Sync.

Ellen also wrote and recorded three albums as far as I can see, the first self titled in 1979 this one which was released in 1983 and a 1980 release Breaking Through The Ice Age in 1980.

Ellen has a great voice and reminds me of that other Ellen, Ellen Foley and Call Of The Wild has some good songs on it, among my favourites are Fugitive Kind Stranded and the single Love´s Out On The Line. I don´t care for the cover of the Zombies hit He´s Not There though but on the whole this is a good album from Ellen and I do love that voice.

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  1. Ellen Shipley says:

    I am very happy when people discover my music and like it enough to want to BUY my old albums.

    I recently discovered, however, that there is a link to a site where you can download my music for FREE which is against the law and against the right of singers and songwriters to earn a living.

    I hope that I am mistaken about this….The fact is
    that songwriters have lost 90% of their rightful INCOME from illegal downloading…..

    PLEASE–do NOT illegally download my music.
    I’m sure that if anyone works at any kind of job, they expect to get their salary. So, please respect the rights of all musicians, songwriters, artists to collect THEIR income!..

    Thank you

    Ellen Shipley

    • adminmike says:

      Hi Ellen, all links removed

    • danadotcom says:

      Correct, however buying used vinyl makes the artist absolutely no money, either. Unless an artist’s record label has re-issued their music or licensed it’s right to a third-party entity an artist sees ZERO royalty beyond original pressings. Once a piece of music goes out-of-print the checks come to trickle. So while buying a piece of used vinyl seems more ethical, it’s realistically no more useful to an artist’s bank account than illegally dowloading music from the net.

    • Sal Milazzo says:

      Well Ellen, you’ll probably never see this response, but what the heck, I’ll give it a try.
      I have been trying to find your albums in MP3 format and its impossible. Yes, I did recently find some tracks that were downloadable and free. But not complete albums. I’d really like to purchase all of your albums and releases but its impossible to find them in a downloadable format. I found one or two on vinyl and cassette, both formats that I no longer use. Why don’t you set up your own website and market your music yourself. I’d also be interested in purchasing any new material you have. I’ve always loved your voice and your song writing. Please…..if possible, do something where we can buy your music and be sure that YOU are getting the money.

      • Ellen Shipley says:

        You are right!
        I have been trying to get my music back from my record companies but no luck yet.
        I know I need a website….
        Thank you for reminding me

        Will get it together!


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