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Ella Mental

Ella Mental, Uncomplicated Love, 1984


See Yourself (Clowns)

Magic Mother

Dancing(In The Moonlight)

Pressure (I´m Getting Stronger)

Ain´t Nobody Like You (Uncomplicated Dreams)

Wet Washing


  • Heather Mac (neé McDermott): vocals
  • Tim Parr: guitar, vocals
  • Adrian Levi: bass
  • Herman Eugster: drums
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Not a bad album from South African Ella Mental, and I do love Heather´s voice, it included two singles The Pressure (I´m Getting Stronger) and See Yourself Clowns both good tracks with a New Wave/Pop feel about them and are the bEst tracks from this theor debut album.

They did release another album in 1989 simply called Ella Mental, tracks including Seasons Come, Seasons Go,Walking In The Light, the singles Eddie´s Cat and the banned single Madman along with a song which was written about a backing vocalist that died on her way to a concert in a car crash Song For Jenny.They also cover Bob Marley´s No Woman No Cry You can download these songs below.


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