Elisa Waut | Fade 2 Grey

Elisa Waut

Repost -Elisa Waut, Elisa Waut, 1985

Side One

Growing Pains



Side Two

It Should Be You


Green Grass

Produced by Dirk Blanchart

Elisa Waut ( pronounced  E-Lisa Wow-T)  are Eisa, Hans Halewaut, Cheryl Derycke


Chery-Bass, Synthesizer & Drum Machine

Hans-– Keyboards ,Guitar & Saxophone


This is a mini album from the band Elisa Waut which includes the classic synth track Russia -which should really have been released as a single-I can´t recommend it enough. The rest of the tracks here are not a disappointment, they have a jazz almost cabaret feel to them especially Growing Pains, fab tune. My favourite track is Unrath which reminds me of Eddie & Sunshine . I love this album  I hope you will too.

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