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David Bowie

David Bowie, Toy, 2001

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At last a leaked copy of the full Toy album by David Bowie. The album features re-recorded versions of early material and tracks which eventually saw the light of day on his Heathen album and as b-sides.

The album is quiet disappointing with David at times sounding like he phoned his vocals in very Lackluster, but it does have a few highlights.

Shadowman is my favourite song along with the new versions of The London Boy, Let Me Sleep Beside YouConversation Piece.  On of my favourite early Bowie songs In The Heat Of The Morning should have been great but is spoiled by David´s vocals. Of the unheard songs Toy (Your Turn To Drive) and Hole In The Ground are ok but sounds like work in progress and Baby Love´s That Way just sounds unfinished.

But until we get some new material from David- I´m sure he has at least one last album in him- every Bowie fan will want to hear this, I know I did.

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