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Dancing “In” English

Re Post – Dancing “In” English, The Mission, 1985

Side 1

The Mission

Side 2

Why Should I Care?

This is a fantastic single boththe tracks are great. Side 2 is a fab melodic synthpop tune  and the side 1 has a harder sound.I know nothing about this band and this is the only record I can find by them and with the bands names as stated on the sleeve, Typhoon Tracey, Red Cam, Cannonball Casey, Chipper (The Cat), Brassneck Brake and Bongo Banana I wonder who they really were?

Repost The Mission 

 Why Should I Care 



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  1. Alan Davis says:


    I found a track on You Tube!!!

  2. Hi, i was in the band,( brass section), with 3 other horns, Tim Falker tnr sx, Aaron Smart al sx, Paul Clark tbn… the manager was the late Mike Parker…it was recorded at Abbey Road studios with producer Chris Neal(of mike and the mechanics, bannanarama fame etc).. sometime in ’85…would love a recording of it if pos?…the band featured at Dingwalls, Camden Town…..
    Any more deatils…

  3. lobo1945 says:

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  4. JC80's says:

    You can upload it again please.
    Link Dead.

  5. Andy Sykes says:

    I too was in this band. I was the bass player from 1986 to around 1988 I think. I joined after these songs were recorded. We did record quite a few tracks including “Feel It” – which was to have been a single as we had just signed to EMI records. We were promptly dropped after a management re-shuffle at the record company The single was never actually released – in fact I only ever heard the finished recording once! It was recorded at Audio International studios in London with Christopher (Mike & The Mechanics etc.) Neil producing.

    Members from the above line-up that I worked with were “Typhoon Tracey” (Colin Hemmings – Vocals) and “Chipper The Cat” (Ian Vowles – percussion). The other players of this era were Steve Burholt- Guitar, Austin Lane – Drums and later – Jim Lovell – Guitar. We seemed to go through a succession of keyboard players. The only one whose name I remember is Mat Johnson. And the horn section of course – they were brilliant live – they wore dinner jackets and leaped around like “bank managers on acid”!

    After the EMI deal fell through we struggled to get another record company to take us on. I believe it was because they couldn’t “pigeon-hole” us. It’s not apparent from these recordings but we had evolved into quite a unique-sounding band.

    We had a lot of fun and did some fantastic (if slightly surreal!) gigs. We supported Edwin Starr one time!………

    The whole thing inevitably fell to bits and we didn’t really split up – we just didn’t bother booking another rehersal. We parted amicably in 1988 I think. The last gig was a lunchtime one in Zonkers(?) Bournemouth. This venue subsequently became Elements then Lava/Ignite.

    That’s about as much as I can remember!

    All the best!

  6. Chipper says:

    Hi, Chipper here – Ian Vowles,
    This really has brought a smile to my face. Who would have thought that after a big night down at The Red Lion in Ringwood, Colin, myself, Alan and Cam would form a band just for a laugh. In my wildest dreams I never thought we’d get so far, and meet so many great musicians along the way. I had the best job in the band. While they were all busy writing those great songs, I used to go down the pub and have a couple of pints. Initially, there wasn’t much for me to do, so I learn’t percussion. I’ll tell you something- I’ve been all over the world since then and have had many incredible experiences, but nothing will ever beat those days. I now live in Australia and have been here for more than 20 years. I always have a pint with Colin, at least once a year when I am in the U.K. I truely believe that we were robbed and at least deserved to have had a couple of hits. I believe it was because we were ahead of our time. I wish everyone involved a happy and safe life. Here’s to us. In my opinion, you only fail in life if you don’t follow your dreams, and we gave it our best shot

    • Alan Davis says:

      Hey Chip. Alan Davis here!
      I’ve only just seen your post on this site. Filled my heart with JOY!!!
      Do you have any objection to me putting some more D.i.E stuff up. I’ve got some good copies of the Taunton recordings that Cam re-mastered from a cassette tape a few years ago. Tried to track down the 24 Trk masters (excuse the pun) but nobody’s got a clue what happened to them. My guess is they were buried with Sharker – Bless him.

      Hope your OK mate


      I meant to tell you – I’m still in touch with Paul Beavis, Steve Enever and Ray Foster. Send me your email address

  7. Dave says:

    My wife was in one of the videos recorded for one of the singles, not sure which one. Every now and then I get it out for a laugh to see how young she was back then. Our copy of the video dissapeared in our loft some time a go but I keep meaning to dig it out and burn it onto dvd. It was a very professional video shoot from what I can make out (made in ringwood) . The band seem very much of their time but quite up market in the fact that portrayed a band who knew who they were and were confident with their music.

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