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Annabel Lamb

Repost – Annabel Lamb Brides 1987


Side One

Chase Across The World *
Different Drum
Country Of Love
Nada (Trick Of The Light)
Baby Baby

Side Two
Come To Me *
Sweet Jane *
Don’t Talk About Love **
Simple Truth **
In The Land Of Dreamy Dreams


* ( Guest Vocals Mica Paris )
** ( Guest Vocals Dani Ali )
Produced by Wally Brill & Annabel Lamb


Despite being on the RCA label I don´t know what went wrong with the promotion of Annabel Lamb.This was her second album on the label.

They Obviously. spent money on producing the album and money on the packaging, but I cant remember any promotion for this album.
There were three singles from the album,Country Of Love ( they used the same picture for this and Different Drum ),Different Drum and Chase Across The World.

I think Chase Across The World was the strongest single and should of at least had some radio play.I believe their was also a remix of Chase Across The World( Global Mix).

Annabel all album except for three tracks,Nada (Trick Of The Light) by Liam Sternberg, Sweet Jane, A Lou Reed cover and the track Don’t Talk About Love by an artist called Dani Ali.
Dani Ali is probably best know for singing the theme music to Damon and Debbie ( the Brookside spin off )which Annabel sang backing vocals on.

I think Come To Me would of made a good single a good punchy tune.
Other tracks I like are In The Land Of Dreamy Dreams (I love her voice on this )and Baby Baby.
On the CD there is an extra track called Lonely House
It´s only taken 22years to hear this album, but well woth it enjoy.
I have just ordered another album from Annabel today so looking forward to hearing that one too.

3 Responses to “Annabel Lamb”

  1. antonio says:

    very good lp.very nice voice.
    emotional epic music.
    80s best.good job.
    thanks and regards.

  2. Mark Damron says:

    Hi Mike,

    Nice post on an artist and album that deserved greater recognition (though I am slightly biased).

    Just for the record, there were four tracks that Annabel didn’t write on the album, the fourth being Different Drum (credited to myself, Leonard Bernstein and Steven Sondheim due to some peculiar publishing politics).

    Best wishes,

    Mark Damron

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