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Annabel Lamb

Repost – Annabel Lamb, Justice,1988

Side One

The Ghost Of You


Under You

Lonely Hearts


Side Two

Dream Come True

It´s A Lovers World

Red Party Dress

Rock, Paper Scissors, Matches

Don´t Fool Me


Great album by Annabel Lamb who is so underrated. Justice featured two single both excellent tracks which fell on deaf ears, The Ghost Of You and Justice. There are some excellent songs on the album and Annabel´s distinctive voice always delights. Standout tracks for me include Lonely Hearts, Dream Come True and the gorgeous Don´t Fool Me.

5 Responses to “Annabel Lamb”

  1. antonio says:

    was thanking the other lp
    Annabel Lamb, and appear next.
    you’re fast as the roadrunner.
    I like this woman and her music.
    again thank you mike.a quick
    greeting and good Sunday
    for you and yours.

  2. adminmike says:

    lol yes Antonio, and I have one more to post later, Virginia David now fixed for you have a good day Mike

  3. antonio says:

    thank you very much for everything.
    I wish you all the best.
    best regards.

  4. marsu22 says:

    Thanks very much! Used to have this on vinyl, and been looking for it for a long time…

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