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Zappo, Rock N Roll Crazy

As many of you probably know now I live in Tenerife, well I just heard that Kim´s dad 60´s rocker Marty Wilde holidays here and plays golf,   I have been trying to track down his 70´s glam alter ego album Zappo (I may have to get down to some stalking), I would love to hear this. In the meantime I give you his single Rock And  Roll Crazy which is a glam fantastic tune, shame about the awfully cheap sleeve (what were they thinking!) I have also included the B-Side as this single is very rare, enjoy Glam Fans.

Rock And Roll Crazy Download

Right On Download

PS. if anyone has his album to share, I´m stompin at the bit, yeah!!

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  1. Roberto says:

    …but awful cheap covers are part of the thrill with second division glam…thanks for this,never find ! Cheers

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