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Zaine Griff.

Zaine Griff, Figures, 1982.
Zine Griff, once touted as the new David Bowie.
Figures from his second album of the same name, was a good single.He also did a duet with Kate Bush on the track Flowers.I bought his first album Ashes And Diamonds which came out in 1980 and had the single Tonight on the album as well as the title track as a single. Both good albums especially Ashes And Diamonds which was also produced by Bowie´s long time producer Tony Visconti.I´ve just read Tony´s autobiography which mentions Zaine,( a really good read ).Zaine actually apears on the 1979 rerecording of Panic In Detroit, from the Heathen album, he played Bass on the track. You will find Zaine´s Videos on You Tube.

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