Zaine Griff | Fade 2 Grey

Zaine Griff

Zaine Griff, Ashes & Diamonds/Figvres (extra tracks) 2017


















  1. Tonight
  2. Run
  3. Ashes And Diamonds
  4. Secret Pleasures
  5. She’s My Man
  6. Things You Say
  7. The Scandinavian
  8. Orient
  9. The Iron Curtain
  10. Ta Cigarette Apres L’Amour
  11. The Sentimentalists
  12. This Could Mean Everything (bonustrack)
  13. The Haunt (bonustrack)
  14. Tonight (early Version) (bonustrack)
  15. Here Today Gone Tomorrow (bonustrack)
  16. Molly Molloy (demo) (bonustrack)
  17. This Day And Age (demo) (bonustrack)
  18. In The Dark (bonustrack)
  19. Horizontal Hold (bonustrack)
  20. Tokyo (bonustrack)
  21. Casino (bonustrack)
  22. The Kids (demo) (bonustrack)

  23. Back To The Heart (demo) (bonustrack)




  1. The Proud Ones
  2. The Vanishing Men
  3. Flowers
  4. Hot
  5. Fahrenheit 451
  6. Figures
  7. The Stranger
  8. Time Stands Still
  9. 83rd And 4th
  10. Chance Of A Dance
  11. The Beating Of Wings
  12. Mental Pictures (extended Version, 12inch B-side ‘Figures’) (bonustrack)
  13. Swing (extended Version, 12inch) (bonustrack)
  14. Passionate Reply (extended Version From Swing 12inch) (bonustrack)
  15. 83rd And 4th (demo Version 1980) (bonustrack)
  16. Flowers (demo Version) (bonustrack)
  17. The Vanishing Men (demo Version) (bonustrack)
  18. Sincerely (demo) (bonustrack)
  19. Don’t Sleep In The Subway (bonustrack)

  20. This Strange Obsession (bonustrack)




Wow just loving this special edition of both albums. Great to here the originals again and they sound so fresh. Loving it all and wonderful sleeve notes from Zaine.

The extra tracks on Ashes and Diamonds are worth just buying the set for so many good unheard songs.

Buy it HERE





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