W.M.T.I.D | Fade 2 Grey


Repost – W.M.T.I.D, Transfacist, E.P, 1988


A-Side Side Winder is a fab synthpop/ electro tune with a driving repetative  beat,it´s also on the B-side as an instrumental called Transfacist which i prefer.

Side Winder

Nine Years (Beso Del La Mort)



2 Responses to “W.M.T.I.D”

  1. antonio says:

    monotone and minimal
    they said the welle Erdball
    in one of her songs.
    is the D.A.F. style
    but a lot softer less visceral
    and less monotone
    great single,very good songs.
    certainly D.A.F.
    Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft
    I like and Gabriel “Gabi” Delgado Lopez
    which is Spanish like me, is a genius
    a good guy and a great musician.
    I do not forget Robert gorl another
    genius like gabi and with very good jobs
    in solitary as gabi.I like much the two
    thanks for uploading

  2. Woodsisi says:

    Pls re-up. Great song (Sidewinder). Thank you.

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