Vog | Fade 2 Grey


Vog, In The Crowd, 1981.

Both tracks are good here but I especially like the power ballad Didn´t I

Download In The Crowd

Download Didn´t I

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  1. Rishard Lampese says:

    I feel it’s important to mention that Ony and I co-wrote “Didn’t I” in it’s entirety one night at “The Loft”. It was our first attempt writing together simultaneously and I thought we did pretty good. Unfortunately some in the band decided to bring that collaboration to an immediate close the very next day. To this day it’s still inexplicable (not to mention stupid IMO). I still remain uncredited for both “Didn’t I” and “In The Crowd”, and for the several other songs I co-wrote with Ony for the band’s album release. It’s shameful really.

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