Velvascurge | Fade 2 Grey


Repost, Velvascurge , Human Element, 1985




Only The Shadow Knows

….In The Numbers

Shadow (Reprise)

Wild Western World

Syndicated Life

Bonus Tracks



Wiggly Snake


Tech Attack

I Go On

All The Live Long Day

Emotional Butcher

Excellent soingle from this band who were originally called The Front and now are callled Scurge, their are some great trcks in the bonus songs.





4 Responses to “Velvascurge”

  1. Claudio says:

    Thanks Mikey! Very good single and bonus tracks! In particular i’m liking “…In the numbers”, a fantastic song! Thanks again!

  2. Patrick says:

    MediaFire strikes again! Re-post, please??


  3. alex says:

    Thank You. Lost New Wave band.

  4. alex says:

    Wanted P.O.P (Perfoming Organisation Process) Another lost new wave band. Thank You Mikey for all.

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