Tony Koklin | Fade 2 Grey

Tony Koklin

Tony Koklin, Claude Monet, 1981

Good new wave tracks from Tony Koklin.

Download Claude Monet

Download Lucky Man

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  1. antonio says:

    I appreciate your generosity
    and thank you for all that have
    uploaded on this day
    it is as always a great effort
    on your part so thanks again.
    I ask a small favor mike,
    take the time you need.
    I have several copies of the fantastic
    LP of Cee Farrow – Red And Blue.
    and passes all the same.
    the song that I like, Lost and Memorized.
    this started and it’s a shame
    because disrupts the lp.
    acknowledge that I am very meticulous
    that it will would not have your mike
    a correct copy or the whole song with all the
    minutes and seconds?.
    I have no hurry
    thanks and regards

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