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The Twins

The Twins, Deep Within My Heart,1985


Why the Twins wernt big in the UK is a mystery especially with songs like this, excellent synthpop

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5 Responses to “The Twins”

  1. lobo1945 says:

    I know very well this band.
    for those who do not know
    recommend full discography
    especially the first four
    albums.synthpop best,thanks.

  2. woodsisi says:

    yes, a great synthpop band – I too recommend ‘all’ their stuff – they were very consistent – sometimes there’s a few silly lyrics (maybe due to German/English translation, but I love their stuff

  3. lobo1945 says:

    totally agree with both.but also.
    politics, bureaucracy. Record labels
    do not risk anything. to keep
    no do not know money.this
    or we want to meet wit
    bands from other countries, of high quality
    it’s a shame, But our
    salvation and the blogs, our researchers
    for music and bands, forgotten,rare,or from others

  4. fab says:

    links are down 🙁

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