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The The.

The The, Armagedon Days Are Here Again.1989.
From their album Mind Bomb.Just listen to the begging of this track,lifted straight from Ballroom Blitz by the Sweet,Also included(any chance to promote this Glam band.As a matter of interest the original bassist Steve Priest has is now touring his own version of Sweet in America.)A good single by The The who I thought should have been a bigger band.I´ve also include a couple more versions of Ballromm Blitz, so if your ready Let´s Goooooo!!!!

The The.Armagedon Days Are Here Again.
Download track here

The Sweet, Ballroom Blitz.
Download track here

The Sweet Vs Snap,The Power Of A Ballroom Blitz.
Download track here

Th Rezillos.Ballroom Blitz Live.
Download track here

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