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The Sweet.

The Sweet, Healer,1976.
This was never a single but is my Fave tack of all the sweet recordings and this is my fave album Give Us A Wink.If you like rock music this album is a must.I love the production on here and Brians vocals are outstanding.This album also has the brilliant single Action which was covered by Def Leppard.I think the Sweets version is much better.Go for the remastered version of this album as you get extra tracks,
Someone Else Will and Miss Demeanor.Other stand out tracks on the album for me are 4th Of July and Cockroach(You crawled into my bed like a Coakroach)Love that line.Yesterdays Rain is also a stunning track.The only weak track for me was the single Lies In Your Eyes,which wasn´t a big hit.The whole feel of the album is quiet dark.The album sleeve is fab too and it came originally as a winking sleeve.

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