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The Limit

Repost -The Limit, Shock Waves,1981





Shock Waves

Ok Go

A big thankyou to David for completing this post, we now have both tracks

Download Shock Waves

Download Ok Go


7 Responses to “The Limit”

  1. Trisha says:

    Just a few words to thank you for posting all these impossible to find elsewhere tracks from the very early 80’s. I am such a fan of this particular era of the New Wave. I know it is hard work, and wanted to let you know that some people really do appreciate it.
    Regards, Thrisha.

  2. Trisha says:

    But of all servers why 4shared????
    I hate it. You have to register and all.

  3. david says:

    hi mike.
    hi Trisha
    I know that 4shared
    is a bit heavy to download
    and you have to register (it takes only a few minutes)
    but took a long time with them and have never been cast no bitch
    not working I have thrown away and delete links or worse.
    you are free to choose friend,so choose
    I did, 4shared and its bad things that have,not change
    also mike and I to put on rapidshare.
    I see you like the early 80’s synthpop
    I also like my and Mr. mike
    so on this page you will enjoy friend
    greetings and thanks mike
    regards Trisha

    • david says:

      I forgot
      look at the two in F2G Chat
      There are The Other Limit,
      early eighties synthpop
      I sure liked them both
      same name the limit
      but it’s another band.
      This at 4shared Mr. Trisha
      Take it easy
      thanks mike
      greetings to the two

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