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The Human League

The Human League, Soundtrack To A Generation, 1990



Soundtrack To A Generation (Edit)

Soundtrack To A Generation (Orbit Mix)

Soundtrack To A Generation  (Accapella)

Soundtrack To A Generation (Instrumental)

Soundtrack To A Generation (Pan Belgian Mix)


Another request, this time for the mighty Human League, this track only spent two weeks in the UK chart, it´s hiest week a very low no 77, I especially like the accapella version.


3 Responses to “The Human League”

  1. woodsisi says:

    Great stuff. I thought HL were back on track with this release. The Razormaid Mix of this is top stuff as well. Tks for posting.

  2. antonio says:

    a mythical band of the 80.his dare lp
    which is possibly better merged pop
    with electronic music,kraftwerk type.
    resulting in a cool and fun synthpop,
    androgynous, ambiguous, great.
    this single is the first step to a new decade
    for human league,the 90ssssssssss.
    cost them much at first until I get:Octopus.
    and returned to be what they always were.
    one of the best synthpop bands history.
    thanks and good weekend friend.

  3. Simon says:

    This was an odd single choice at the time, the single itself is brilliant but the chorus is pure madness, but then The Human League have always had a touch of that.
    It’s a pity this wasn’t more successful, listening to it years later its easy to hear the greatness of it and the whole of the ‘Romantic?’ LP from which it came.
    Their previous single ‘Heart Like A Wheel’ should have made the Top 10, pure League brilliance.
    The mixes for this however were excellent…a lost gem.

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