The Bolshoi | Fade 2 Grey

The Bolshoi

The Bolshoi, T.V.Man, 1987



T.V. Man (Extended Version)

I´m Depressed (We All Die)

Strawberries And Cream


Another single from the underated Bolshoi, they really did deserve to have some hits.

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  1. Jenny says:

    Hey Mike!!

    It says “Download not available”. Could you kindly repost??

    Thank you!!!

  2. david says:

    and this again rapidshare
    not let me download the file
    except with your permission Mikey

  3. Jenny says:

    yup, i checked again and it’s denying access without permission.

    • adminmike says:

      Hi Jenny, Rapidshare has changed it´s rules would you please try again for me as I have changed the settings, hope this works or I´ll have to use another sever, , let me know when you get chance,thanks Mikey

  4. alex says:

    Thank You Mikey.

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