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The Atomic Bees

The Atomic Bees,Smalltownboy,2007.
I have always loved this song by Bronski Beat and it has ben covered so many times by different artists.The Atomic Bees is my favourite cover version.I like the guys vocals.I also really like the Atrocity version probably the best of the heavy cover versions.This is from an album where they covered lots of 80´s tracks,really good.The Brice version is a good dance trance version,whicj I think samples the original.
The Bronski Beat Vs Madonna I just love,great when this kind of mix works.My favourite of all though is the acoustic version by Jimmy and the band,so good.Enjoy and I hope i´ve posted the right track with the right version.

The Atomic Bees

Paradise Lost


The Miracle

Depressive Age

The Fire


Bronski Beat Vs Madonna,Smalltown/Stranger mix by fuTuRo

Bronski Beat,Acoustic

Bronski Beat,Maximus Remix

Bronski Beat Original

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