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Solid State

Repost – Solid State, Recalling You, 1983

Such a good lost synth pop single ,infectious and just bloody wonderful, I only have the A-Side Recalling You

Solid State, It´s An Obsession,1984



It´s An Obsession

Tears To Fright

Excellent synthpop ballad along with a fantastic Tears To Fright

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4 Responses to “Solid State”

  1. Thank you VERY MUCH for this unknown gem ! I love it !

  2. RobLoveEighties says:

    Thanks for posted these wonderfull songs, but It’s An Obsession is cuted 17 seconds, and Tears For Fright is cuted 3 seconds.Is it right?There’s a problem with these songs in the end?If you listen and see what’s wrong, can you post again?But if the tracks are right, ok.Bye

  3. adminmike says:

    Hi Rob not sure what cuted means, do you mean cut short? if so sorry these are the only versions I have Mikey

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