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Sniff n´the Tears.

Sniff n´the Tears, Drivers Seat.
The first single off the Fickle Heart album which was released 1978.Paul Roberts was the driving force of the band,as he was the writer, the lead singer, played acoustic guitar and painted their album sleeves.
Drivers Seat was another radio hit perhaps thats why it didn´t sell,you could hear it all the time in 1978 on the radio.
Th album Fickle Heart which was released in 1979 was a little bit Dire Staits,but don´t let that put you off i really like the album.
Sniff n´the Tears made six album and never had a hit,and Paul made two solo albums.
I have posted the long version of Drivers Seat and also as a bonus a mash up with Basement Jaxx Romeo,let me know what you think.

Drivers Seat (Long Version)
Download track here

Mash Up
Download track here

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