Silent Circle | Fade 2 Grey

Silent Circle

A Request, Silent Circle, Moonlight, Affair, 1987


Moonlight Affair (1987Remix)

Moonlight Affair (2000 Extended)

Moonlight Affair (2001 Italio Radio Mix)

Moonlight Affair (2001 Maryland Mix)

Lost In Your Light (Instrumental)

Touch In The Night (Light Explosion Retro Mix)

Touch In The Night (AB Mix Version)



I´m not sure if these are the mixes your looking for Antonio.

2 Responses to “Silent Circle”

  1. antonio says:

    guessed friend, good job of musical
    research.I love these remixes,
    especially Moonlight Affair (1987Remix).
    are those songs that make you dream.
    euro italo disco pure and quality,a gem.
    thank you very much for searching,
    finding and Share.I have happy the day
    friend.thanks for taking the time to look.
    I thank you from heart
    I wish you the best mike
    best regards

  2. woodsisi says:

    I was a big Silent Circle fan, can’t wait to hear ‘Moonlight Affair’ (never heard it before – I think it was only released in Spain). Tks for posting.

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