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Shout Aloud

Shout Aloud, Is Anybody There? 1980.


Two fab tracks from Shout Aloud, Is Anybody There? an atmospheric instrumental and the poppy Four Minute Warning which makes a great A-Side

Download Is Anybody There?

Download Four Minute Warning

One Response to “Shout Aloud”

  1. lobo1945 says:

    hi mike.
    thank you very much
    for this single
    great job
    difficult to find
    or have.early synthpop
    is very good.
    I hope you have
    like any
    remember, it would be the year
    2005.2006. Few large bls ..
    Music had
    saltyka, robartopoland,
    new romantic rules
    systems of romance
    mineforlife, mutant sounds.
    and you and your old bls, etc, etc.
    many are no longer and
    reminds grateful
    for teaching more, the
    wonderful world of music.
    others are still there.
    as we say in Spain.
    with two balls.
    facing adversity
    teaching culture, because the
    music is, (UNIVERSAL CULTURE)
    when one falls.
    rise thousand
    and then millions
    and then millions of millions.
    my thanks to you and to all
    those working in culture
    and the music is.
    I know you and all good people
    thank god.
    yet in this world
    so unfair.
    where some enjoyed
    of culture.
    while others do not know what is culture.
    is a shame.
    sorry for say much.thanks.

    Music is everybody’s possession. It’s only publishers who think that people own it.
    my dear.JOHN LENNON.

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