Shatoo | Fade 2 Grey


Shatoo, Overload, 1987

Love this single from Shatoo, taken from the album A True Story


3 Responses to “Shatoo”

  1. antonio says:

    I am glad that you remain human
    thanks for putting a link does not work
    work hard in your blog,is a great effort.
    you know you have all my appreciation
    and thanks for that,but occasionally
    take a break, take a KITKAT.
    indeed,they are rich,is a vice.
    joking apart.
    accounts with my appreciation
    and thanks for your blog mike
    a greeting

  2. adminmike says:

    Lol yes I´m human, sorry about the link working now, I´´ve had a hard week at work and also have to work the weekend,Mikey

  3. antonio says:

    do not say sorry
    quite what you are working.
    I who say thank you very much.
    I wish you well and the dogs too.
    good night friend
    Antonio and family

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