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Puppets Of Mankind

Puppets Of Mankind, We Make Love, 1984 Now Available on itunes.

New Album Coming Soon



Todd “Fizz” Meisler:
Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Drum Machine Programming

Johnny Hill:
Guitars, Vox, Keys, Bass, Drum Machine Programming

Doug Hartwig:
Keyboards, Piano, Synth Programming, Bass

Stewart Whatley: Bass, Vox

Kurt Masters: Drums

Other Members:

Matt Jones: Bass
Dallas Meseberg: Drums
Ron Anderson: Vocals


We Make Love

Modern Man

Bonus Tracks

The Greatest Love

Father Time

My Life

Link Removed you can now buy We Make Love on itunes check it out here

 Also check out their facebook page here for all their updates on the new album release.

Also check out their Reverbnation page with some rough mixes from the album here

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  1. claudio says:

    Another great Mikey’s surprise! Never known of the bonus tracks you have posted! These are good and real new wave songs of the early eighties! Thanks a lot! Claudio

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