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Promised Land

Repost – Promised Land, Something In The Air, 1990




Something In The Air (The Blood Brothers Mix)

Something In The Air (Excursion Mix) instrumental

A request for this Thunderclap Newman cover version from Culture Club´´s Jon Moss and Nick Feldman. I will post the album soon.


I love this track it reminds me of Beloved

Download Circle In The Square

2 Responses to “Promised Land”

  1. claudio says:

    Wonderful single! i didn’t know of the presence of ex Culture Club in this band! I’ll wait for your album’s post!
    Thank you Mikey! Regards

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  3. Sebastian says:

    Moss just couldn’t catch a break after CC, could he? This is really great, modern-sounding for early 90’s, yet he still couldn’t get arrested.

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