Primary Colours | Fade 2 Grey

Primary Colours

A Request, Primary Colours, Paint Love Blue, 1985


Paint Love Blue (Extended Mix)

Paint It Blue (Single Mix)

Sometimes Memories Return

There Is No One

Talking In My Sleep


There are some good songs on this 12inch, I especially like the upbeat, Sometimes Memories Return, There Is No One, Talking In My Sleep, lol yeah I supose I like them all!!


4 Responses to “Primary Colours”

  1. Claudio says:

    I agree with Mikey! Good songs! Good melody! Great synthpop! Thank you again Mikey!

  2. antonio says:

    Elegant 80s electronic pop of quality.
    very good single and maxi single.
    Ladies and gentlemen, today’s musicians?,
    design through marketing.
    listen and learn
    this is real music.
    antonio says no more
    thanks mike

  3. Jeanette says:

    I thank you very much for listening to our music and posting it here. I wrote a blog about the making of this record, and how surprised I am that it is still being listened to, almost 30 years later. I hope that the link will appear correctly. Jim and I are no longer making music, but we had a lot of fun back in the day. Thanks again. ~Jeanette

  4. Joel Goodsen says:

    Thank you for the info Jeanette, Thanks so much for sharing Mikeyten!
    What a project! Could you re-upload this record?


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