President President | Fade 2 Grey

President President

President President, All Good Men, 1982

A request for this track from ,Rob,  with a fantastic production by Tony Mansfield.

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2 Responses to “President President”

  1. lobo1945 says:

    Tony Mansfield was one of the great geniuses of
    the music of the eighties, in his role as musician
    and producer.all he did,had a special touch and unmistakable,tony mansfield style.was a pioneer and
    one of the fathers of my opinion was not sufficiently recognized,usual with geniuses.
    thanks for putting one of its works.

  2. RobLoveEighties says:

    Once more, thanks Mikey, this is a precious wich I’ll save in a special place of my 80’s rarities.

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