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Poppy Factory

Poppy Factory, 7 x 7, 1991

I love this underated band, this was their only UK hit a very low no 84.


3 Responses to “Poppy Factory”

  1. antonio says:

    now wear glasses do not let me see shit.
    excuse me friend.I ask if more music of
    Poppy Factory,and a little below there
    another single his.I’m sorry,
    I promise to buy new glasses.
    is what is the fucking economic crisis,
    you have to stretch the old until it falls
    apart.a greeting without glasses.

  2. antonio says:

    years pass and it shows.’ll never be that
    young man of 18 or 20 years,
    my body is not the same,I change
    my mind.but something does not change,
    my taste for good music,since I was a
    child of a man now with a lot of gray on
    the head.term, there is no better remedy
    for age less and better,to listen to the music
    that you like, and do not exaggerate if
    I say that music saved my life several times.
    you and I are music addicts,
    so we will live longer and better.
    greetings and thanks

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