The Pookah Makes 3 | Fade 2 Grey

The Pookah Makes 3

The Pookah Makes 3 Singles X 3


front sleeve


Lucky Lucky Lucky (Version)

Lucky Lucky Lucky

Fanfare For A Cowboy

Take It Back (Extended Version)

I Can Do Anything (Extended Version)

Love Can’t Be Far (Extended Version)

Love Can´t Be Far

Who In The World







Good set of singles by The Pookah Makes 3 as requested. Lucky Lucky Lucky is probably their best known track but all three songs have stood the test of time and all should have been hits.

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  1. Claudio says:

    Thanks Mikey! Every weekend a great surprise! Freeze Frame, Red Box and now Pookah Makes 3 and The Group singles collection!
    Wonderful and rare tunes! A million of thanks

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